Fifth Disease

Fifth Disease is also called as smacked face problem and erythema infectiosum in medical terms. This illness is recognized by the allergy development on face and hands and even on feet for kids and grownups.

The allergy is due to the popular infection by name human parvo virus B19. It usually impacts the school going kids during spring season. The fifth illness is contaminated and easily propagates through secretions.

The initial indication of fifth illness is the red colored face and looks as if the child is defeated with fingertips on the face. Soon after, the rashes will start showing on the hands and feet. Contact with sunshine will induce the rashes on various parts of the body. Some kids will also get high temperature and discomfort when allergy starts creating.


When a expectant mother gets contaminated with fifth illness, it can cause serious damage to the growing child.
No treatment is required for this illness and rashes will stay only for 2 weeks at the maximum. The high temperature and other symptoms will reduce within a week. In case of severe discomfort, then taking Tylenol will provide some relief for grownups.


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