Get pain relief with turmeric

Most Jamaicans have at least a minimal relationship with curried goat and many Native indian women use a turmeric-based clean to give the skin a glowing shine. As a therapeutic plant, it has several advantages, namely for treatment, reducing combined, monthly and stomach discomfort.

Joint benefits

Turmeric is a well-known plant in herbal treatments for discomfort in the breasts, in particular, discomfort which is deteriorated with freezing. This is because of the herb’s heating characteristics. It can be used along with other herbs or by itself in herbal tea for protuberances, rigidity, weight and discomfort in shoulder area, hand and fingertips. It is also used for neck discomfort. This plant brings treatment by working to market the activity of blood in these areas while heating the combined.

Menstrual benefits

Turmeric is also used for monthly problems such as long monthly periods and agonizing menses. Again, because of the herb’s heating characteristics, it is used in situations where discomfort or extended monthly periods are combined with a propensity towards getting freezing quickly. This identifying feature may be noted: during the menses only or generally, in the system, in the stomach or just in the hands and feet. In situations where the lady is more vulnerable to experience emotions of comfort or gets hot quickly, this plant would not be indicated.

Abdominal discomforts

Mild tummyaches can also find comfort with turmeric extract as well, as it helps to market the activity of at standstill qi in the stomach.

Herb selection & quality

If you use the clean turmeric extract rhizome, make sure to use good-quality turmeric extract, free of bug sprays and other substances which may be harmful. High excellent is columnar in shape, strong, and brownish-yellow when cut through the combination area.

Tea hand baggage and other dust types are also available, which makes for easy planning.

Tea planning and dosage

1. Steam about 9g of clean turmeric extract in roughly four mugs of water for 20 moments. Take tea three times over the course of one day.

2. If you are using a dry dust form, such as in tea hand baggage, extreme 2g to 3g in a cup of hot water for 10 moments. You may have three mugs throughout the course of a day. Most tea hand baggage contain about 2g of the plant.


As with any food or plant, warning may be necessary for people with certain conditions. Persons who are very poor, poor or anaemic should avoid this plant in considerable amounts.


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