Traumeel – How it works

Swelling – a very complicated procedure – is the body reaction to muscular or combined harm, and can restrict and prevent further harm. However, extreme inflammation can be damaging to restoration and cause discomfort.
Traumeel delivers together a number of 100 % organic substances that focus on inflammation and enhance treatment in different, supporting methods.

Treating inflammation

Tackling muscular and combined inflammation in several ways

  •     These either improve (pro-inflammatory cytokines) or decrease (anti- inflammatory cytokines) inflammation
  •     An discrepancy of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines can cause to extreme inflammation and pain
  •     Traumeel performs to recover the stability by focusing on several mediators, decreasing pro-inflammatory and improving anti-inflammatory cytokines

Complementary actions

Natural substances with supporting and complete activities on bone and joint inflammation

  •     Traumeel is a structure of several 100 % organic substances that         management inflammation in different, supporting ways
  •     There is proof that, together in Traumeel, these substances are more effective than they are separately



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