Joint Advance Review – How Well Does It Really Work?

What Are The Ingredients Of Joint Advance?

Joint Advance has some relatively simple ingredients when compared with some of the more bizarre herbal supplements available on the market for joint pain. The main ingredient of Joint Advance is a glucosamine complex, which is composed of glucosamine HCL and glucosamine sulfate, with the combination of these two at the the 1500 mg. However, the specific amounts of each individual type of glucosamine are not listed. Their arguments for and against these two different kinds of glucosamine in Joint Advance, and the approach of Joint Advance in general, seems to be to include both of them in order to hedge your bets. Joint Advance also contains a 1200 mg dose of chondroitin sulfate which is slightly less than the typical dose at 1500 mg present in the glucosamine complex. It is somewhat of a misnomer to call this a glucosamine complex, since it is only two different types of glucosamine which are combined in one pill.

Joint Advance also contains vitamin C at 90 mg, and for some reason the percentage of daily value is not listed here. Chances are that most adults are receiving plenty of vitamin C, although there is no reason to worry about overdose, since it is not possible to overdose on vitamin C. Joint Advance also contains 900 mg of MSM, which is a fairly generous amount and will certainly cover any of the possible advantages of taking MSM on a regular basis. The last ingredients of Joint Advance are Ginger and white Willow bark extract which are both present at 100 mg. This is about twice the amount of both of these that is usually found in joint health supplements, although it is still not really enough to create any definite effects with these basically untested herbal ingredients. Although Ginger and white Willow bark extract have been associated in some cases with improved joint comfort, for the most part these are untested ingredients and have not established definite superiority over placebo in large-scale large-scale current clinical trials.

Overall, Joint Advance has a relatively simple battery of ingredients and most them are likely to do some good with the possible exception of ginger and white Willow bark extract at any rate, since these two are only present at one hundred milligrams they’re unlikely to significantly decrease the perceived quality of the supplement. Indeed, this appears to be one of the most reasonable profiles of joint health supplements as it contains all three of the main ingredients most consumers look for: glucosamine, which is present in two different type,s chondroitin sulfate, and MSM. This probably explains why Joint Advance is such a popular formula, since they seem to have cut out most of the fluff which is seen in a variety of other similar supplements.


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