JointEase Review – How Well Does It Really Work?

What Are The Ingredients Of JointEase?

JointEase contains three basic ingredients. The ingredients of JointEase are divided into two herbal supplements, and one delivery of glucosamine. Please note that it is extremely difficult to find an actual supplement facts label for JointEase, and one may not even be included with purchase. This is probably because JointEase is not usually offered at retail stores or pharmaceutical outlets, although some specialty herbal retailers may offer JointEase.

No description of the ingredients of JointEase would be complete without a description of glucosamine. JointEase is obviously based on the premise that glucosamine contributes to the natural process of growing or repairing individual joints and connective tissues. It is often a lack of healthy growth of connective tissues that contributes to the inflammation that is associated with arthritis. This is accurate for arthritis, but many supplements like JointEase offer glucosamine in order to encourage the growth of cartilage and solve a small part of the inflammation problem. It should be noted that glucosamine has the bioavailability of approximately 20%, which means that only 20% of glucosamine actually makes it into your system after digestion. If glucosamine were really terribly effective in solving the problems of arthritis, doctors would certainly offer glucosamine intravenous injections. However, this is not the case, because glucosamine has not really been proven to be superior to placebo in large-scale clinical trials. That’s why you can find glucosamine cheaply, over-the-counter.

JointEase also includes Devil’s Claw and Indian frankincense, which helps out for vegetarians, but does not actually have large-scale scientific backing over placebo. Devil’s Claw is cited as having been used “by people of the Kalahari Desert to support healthy joints.” This statement will not be convincing for most consumers who are looking for scientific rigor in supplements like JointEase which are meant to relieve the pain of chronic diseases like arthritis. Although Devil’s Claw is present in many joint health supplements, it is usually limited to the less reputable supplements, as it represents herbal and anecdotal remedies. Indian frankincense certainly falls in the same category, and is used in similar supplements despite it’s bogus first impression.

In conclusion, everything usually works out well for supplements that only have a few ingredients, like JointEase, however the only ingredient which actually does any good here is glucosamine, which itself has not been proven in large-scale clinical trials to be effective. Glucosamine is usually involved in the manufacture of connective tissue, however its digestion, orally, as a supplement may not cause any noticeable reduction in pain.


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