Fluidjoint Review – How Well Does It Really Work?

What Are The Ingredients Of Fluidjoint?

There are two different types of Fluidjoint available. Fluidjoint offers caplets and chew tablets. In general, the supplement facts, and the nutritional label for the supplement Fluidjoint are fairly lacking. Although the calories and calcium are listed, the ingredients are not listed according to amount, and this can be extremely concerning for many customers. The ingredients for Fluidjoint caplets include milk protein concentrate, sucrose, sodium, and milk derived ingredients.

Fluidjoint is actually based entirely on milk derivatives, and most of the nutritional content of Fluidjoint is similar to the nutritional content of most milk derivatives. This supplement appears to be based on the idea that there are special properties to the molecules contained within milk derivatives, and that a diet which includes concentrated forms of these derivatives will improve joint health over time.

The chewable Fluidjoint version contains milk protein concentrate, fructose, canola, stearic acid, French vanilla flavor, magnesium, caramel flavor, and sucralose. It should be clear by now that the main ingredient of both these versions is milk protein concentrate, and that the milk protein concentrate is supposed to take the place of more legitimate ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM which are present in other supplements. Although these ingredients themselves have not actually been proven to improve the condition of those who suffer from arthritis or severe joint pain, it seems that Fluidjoint is trying to distinguish themselves by being a much more natural product, and by only offering milk protein concentrate. Even though this supplement does consist primarily of milk ingredients, it contains only 4% of the daily value for calcium, and only 2 g protein. Fluidjoint states on the official website that the nutrients which are contained in these milk derivatives will do more for joint health than the ingredients of other supplements.

Claims of Fluidjoint aside, this seems to be a relatively cheap product, which contains a patented form of processing alternatives. Since the main ingredients are simple, it is interesting that Fluidjoint has not opted to include other versions of glucosamine and chondroitin, MSM, and collagen within their Fluidjoint tablets. This approach could either work for or against this supplement, but consumers should beware of “purist” supplements which only contain one “patented” ingredient. Since this product is so easy to product, and since Fluidjoint insists on describing the digestion of milk proteins as a special, secret process, this company appears to be pulling the wool over the eyes of many consumers. After all, if milk contained magical compounds which could cure arthritis, wouldn’t these have been discovered long ago?


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