Lyprinol Review – How Well Does It Really Work?

What is Lyprinol supposed to do?

In order to make a wise consumer decision about whether or not to purchase this supplement, the most important factor is whether or not Lyprinol actually accomplishes its claims. It is likely that Lyprinol achieves the claims on the Lyprinol website, although this site is also littered with a variety of testimonials which tend to muddy the waters. Also, since this brand is primarily sold according to affiliate marketing, and sold online to countries outside of New Zealand, a critical perspective is called for when determining whether or not the ingredients Lyprinol accomplishes claims.

So, what exactly is Lyprinol supposed to do? This supplement is essentially a fatty acid supplement whose primary ingredient is green lipped mussel. The advantage of consuming green lipped mussel is that it provides a particular chemical compound called a “mucopolysaccharide.” These polysaccharides contribute to the growth of connective tissue, and also a healthy fatty acid profile. For those who are familiar with the combination of omega-3, and 9 fatty acid health, it is clear that supplementing fatty acids is beneficial by ingesting the fatty acids found in green lipped mussels and Lyprinol. So, Lyprinol is supposed to deliver not only a beneficial fatty acid profile, but also the unique fatty acids contained only in green lipped mussel.

Other claims of this brand may not be as trustworthy, and some of them are relatively outrageous, and not supported by scientific evidence. Keep in mind that there is plenty of scientific evidence to suggest that taking green lipped mussel will improve the growth of connective tissues in general joint health. There are very few direct claims made by Lyprinol itself, as the Lyprinol company is primarily concerned with providing affiliate marketers the tools to convince Internet buyers to purchase, or at least give Lyprinol try. So, taking a look at some of the testimonials available from Lyprinol will give us a better idea of what exactly the claims of this brand are.

In general, Lyprinol is supposed reduce aches and pains. Although we are assuming that these aches and pains are associated with poor joint health, many testimonials which are presented by Lyprinol claim that all sorts of aches and pains are limited by Lyprinol. There is no evidence to suggest that green lipped mussel fatty acids will actually eliminate all aches and pains associated with any kind of arthritis. Also, these claims, or at least the claims suggested by testimonials, are not limited to aches and pains of arthritis, but cover “all” aches and pains. This sounds like a “snake-oil” approach, if ever there was one. Many customers, assumed to be paid or reimbursed in some way, have suggested that Lyprinol is a cure-all, and eliminates all sorts of pain associated with old age, inflammation, and arthritis. Of course, a healthy diet which contains a fatty acid profile may contribute to fewer aches and pains, but it is unlikely that all of them–indeed all pain of old age–could be eliminated simply by taking green lipped mussel.


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