Flex Protex Review – How Well Does It Really Work?

What is Flex Protex supposed to do?

In all honesty, the makers of Flex Protex make bizarre and poorly worded claims about the actual effects of taking Flex Protex. First of all the, makers of Flex Protex state directly that this supplement has no side effects. An herbal supplement which has no side effects is not likely to have any effect at all. While the makers of Flex Protex may mean “negative side effects,” this is not explicitly stated. Furthermore, under a section on the homepage entitled “intentions of Flex Protex,” it is stated that “this supplement repairs the anomalies is some joints and presents a thoroughly normalize joint.” Note here that this statement is basically meaningless, as the definition for joint anomalies is not provided, nor are the characteristics of “normalized joints” described. Flex Protex also states that their supplement development “seeks to find a solution to the problem of lack of lubrication in joints” although the nature of this lubrication is also not described.

In general, buyers are meant to assume that Flex Protex provides all of the effects of a joint health supplement which includes glucosamine and chondroitin, which brings us to an interesting question: What exactly are the ingredients of flex protect?

Thankfully, Flex Protex has gone to the trouble of providing an ingredients list and supplement facts for Flex Protex capsules. Each capsule contains 50 mg of vitamin C, and 1000 international units of vitamin D3. The presence of these vitamins (beyond normal dietary requirements) is not necessary for the health of joints, especially since vitamin C is only provided at 50% of the daily value and vitamin D3 is not explained as providing any specific joint benefits with Flex Protex, although it may contribute to the building of bones.

Most worrisome in the ingredients list is the proprietary blend listed at 1000 mg. One ingredient which contains glucosamine is listed, but the amount of glucosamine is not specifically numbered per mg. Also, since Flex Protex claims to be an herbal supplement, it is interesting that they have neglected to list the source of the glucosamine. Also note that the specific amounts for ingredients listed in a proprietary blend are not shown by mg, although the amount of the proprietary blend is shown. There is simply no way to know how how much of any of the listed ingredients are actually delivered in a particular pill. This sort of label will not go very far toward establishing the claims of a joint health supplement like Flex Protex.


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