Arthri-Flex Review – How Well Does It Really Work?

What Are The Ingredients Of Arthri-Flex?

Whenever attempting to determine what a supplement is supposed to do, the first question need to be asked is: “What is the best possible outcome of taking the supplements?” In order to check the best possible outcome, we need to take a careful look at some of the ingredients of Arthri-Flex. Arthri-Flex is a relatively simple joint supplement. Arthri-Flex contains 25% of the daily required value of copper as well as 100% of the daily value of zinc. Although some vitamins and minerals can have a serious influence on the level of pain that is associated with inflammation, most adults who take a typical multivitamin will cover their bases for these vitamins with one multi. There’s usually no reason to include a wide array of vitamins in a joint pain supplement unless there is some specific vitamin deficiency. Also, most vitamin deficiencies will cause a variety of other symptoms before they cause inflammation and joint pain. Although vitamin deficiencies certainly contribute to joint pain, they will cause all sorts of other symptoms first. Therefore, it’s not necessarily good that Arthri-Flex contains all of these vitamins and minerals, since most of them are available in a multivitamin.

Arthri-Flex does contain a large amount of glucosamine sulfate and MSM, with 1500 mg of each. It is necessary that the dose for each of these is so large since the bioavailability is relatively small. In fact, the bioavailability for glucosamine is only 20%, which means that only one fifth of what is ingested likely makes it into the bloodstream. Only a fraction of this amount which makes it into the bloodstream will actually contribute to the growth of connective tissue. Arthri-Flex also contains something called a proprietary blend, which seems to include another form of chondroitin in which comes from chicken sternum. Arthri-Flex also contains boswellia extract and grapeseed extract which have been associated in some anecdotal accounts with decreases in joint pain. Arthri-Flex does not make any specific claims about these ingredients, but obviously believes that there is some reason to include them in the supplement. That being said, the entire proprietary blend amounts to 40 mg. So, it is unlikely to have any effect, even if any of the ingredients of the proprietary blend of Arthri-Flex actually make it into the bloodstream.

In conclusion, Arthri-Flex contains a decent amount of glucosamine sulfate and MSM. However, it also includes a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as a proprietary blend, which are basically useless for any adult who is taking a multivitamin. There’s no reason to include extra amounts of vitmains unless a deficiency is been detected, which would usually be indicated by other symptoms from joint pain.


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