Joint Pain: 5 Common Causes and 5 Natural Remedies

Joint pain is a condition that may be instigated by an injury that affects any of the tissues, tendons, ligaments, or bursae around the joint. It can also be brought about by the damage in the cartilage and bones inside the joint. Furthermore, according to the facts about joint pain, it is also characterized by the inflammation and infection of the joint like arthritis.

Causes of Joint Paint
Joint pain information reveal that there are more than a dozen causes. However, there are common causes which are normally diagnosed out of an agonizing patient. Here are 5 of these common causes:

Ankle Pain or Tendinitis – This pain may be caused by an injury or a disease of the ankle joint. It can also be brought by a trauma or an inflammation in the ankle. The severity of this pain differs it can be mild which lasts for 24 hours only or it can be so severe that it will need surgical repair.

Arthritis – This is the inflammation of one or more joints. It may be caused by metabolic abnormalities such as gout and pseudogout or hereditary factors.

Connective Tissue Disease – The connective tissues are the parts of the body that essentially hold the cells together. These are considered the framework or matrix for the body. The connective tissue disease, on the other hand, features abnormality of the immune system activity and it is directed against one body tissue, causing inflammation.

Gout – This is a disease resulting from the overload of uric acid inside the body. The overload leads to the development of small crystals of urate. When these crystals form in the joints, it will cause frequent attacks of joint inflammation or arthritis.

Sprain and Strain – The former is the injury to ligaments, while the latter is the injury to the muscles or tendon tissues. These ill-conditions can be caused by abnormal stretching or the tearing of a ligament that sustains the joints.

Natural Remedies of Joint Pain
In order to fight a disease or a sickness, it is better to study and learn about it. Aforementioned are the facts about joint pain. Having those in mind, here are some of the possible treatments:

There are treatments and medical operations that can resolve the different joint pains of a patient. However, this section would like to give importance in the remedies which can be done at home and with natural joint relief foods. Here 5 natural remedies:

Anti-Inflammatory Triad – This is formed by mixing bromelain, turmeric and ginger. Individually, each ingredient can work effectively against inflammations. They can relieve pain, swelling and stiffness. How much more if you combine them together? These three are synergetic to one other. Meaning, they complement the action of each other. So if you combine these substances, you will surely have the most effective natural remedy for joint pain.

Stinging Nettles – You can try making tea out of dried herb or fresh leaves. Tea like this can be a powerful herbal treatment which can relieve symptoms of arthritis and goat.

Cayenne Pepper – You can make an excellent ointment out of cayenne. Its active ingredient, Capsaicin, swindles the brain by initiating isolated irritation to skin. The signal makes its way through the nerve pathways. This journey distracts the brain from the real source of the pain.

Pectin Grape Juice – Mixing pectin in a grape juice has powerful relieving effect in the body. This mix is filled with various antioxidants such as anthocyanins.

Chinese Acupuncture – The effectiveness of this over-century-old treatment has been proven year after year. The needle treatment of the Chinese is being recommended by more and more doctors as it is an effective nerve stimulator used to reduce pain.


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